Our New Accessible Gym!

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There have been some new developments at team BIG! We now have an exclusive range of state of the art, accessible gym equipment in our Dunstable exercise space. We are the only fitness company in the UK to be able to offer this equipment, courtesy of our friends at Matrix Fitness. Graham says “The equipment is accessible and easy to use, it also intuitively adapts to the user”. “We’ve seen many people using it already and they can’t believe the results and just how easy it is to use. It enables people to take their time, and it adapts to their needs”. The specialist equipment is medical grade fitness equipment that improves the quality of movement and ensures that each person can develop their own personal routine that will adapt to their specific needs and abilities.


The exercise space is housed in the Disability Resource Centre in Dunstable. The Centre is an award-winning charity that specialises in assisting people affected by disability or long-term health conditions. Working in partnership with BIG Health & Fitness since 2016 had greatly enhanced the range of services that they can offer. “This moves us closer to our goal of making all opportunities available to people with long term health conditions and disability” says CEO Melanie Hawman. “Our clients are already seeing the benefits of our partnership with BIG. One client said that they had been able to achieve and active life thanks to the support, and had gained much better emotional wellbeing


Clients’ reactions to the accessible gym

“This increase of services is already having significant results for our clients. One lady just couldn’t believe she was able to use it so easily. She plucked up the courage to come, and she couldn’t believe she could use the equipment so comfortably” says Jude, personal trainer at BIG Health & Fitness. “There are 12 machines and she could use all of them. She thought that she’d be in pain afterwards, and yet she felt great. She’s now a regular here and does 2 sessions a week, it’s brilliant”. “Our clients think it’s fantastic – it’s not a thumping gym, they feel safe and in control

There are more developments coming to BIG Health & Fitness’ accessible gym. Users will soon have a personalised USB that remembers their settings and targets, and sets the machine accordingly. Alongside the existing range of accessible classes offered by our team at the centre, there is something to help everyone. We cater for all ages and abilities.

Open day on 6th March 2019

We want as many people as possible to benefit from these developments. On Wednesday 6th March we will be running an open day to showcase the facilities. Anyone is welcome to pop in for a tour – we’d love to show you around. To find out more, contact one of the team today.

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