Maggie Cain joined BIG Health and Fitness in 2017 and is a key member of the training team. She is affectionately known as the BIG Health and Fitness 'powerhouse'. Strength is her passion. Maggie loves to see people reach their potential and thrive through the support network that BIG Health and Fitness brings. Having trained with Active Gym Luton, Maggie saw first hand the impact that BIG Health and Fitness were having. She soon spoke to Graham and wanted to join the team. She is one of our valued instructors and works to ensure that the gym remains a friendly place, where people feel inspired to enjoy themselves and see results.

“I love the relaxed and friendly atmosphere and  still seeing results. BIG Health and Fitness changes the way that people think of exercise, so that it’s more enjoyable. There is so much about that stands out to me.  I think the most rewarding part is to see people get results and their confidence improving. To see them develop. The gym has become a very safe place - the way that everyone looks out for each other and to hear the laughter is what keeps me inspired to keep training”

Maggie Cain takes a number of our weekly gym classes and also is available for personal training sessions. She is at home in all areas of the gym, but her particular passion is in strength training. She has produced a range of strength based classes, and is skilled at developing people's techniques for weight lifting. Her approach to weights to to take it at a steady pace. With some gentle encouragement, it's always amazing to see what's possible when people to challenge themselves. The results soon follow. As a result of Maggie's coaching, many of our members have seen significant improvements in the overall fitness and well being.

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