Jude Lewis is a lady with a BIG heart. Jude was Graham’s very first client after qualifying as a personal trainer, and found his approach to be effective. After trying every possible diet going and struggling to achieve a sustained weight loss, Jude reached out to Graham. He introduced her to his approach to fitness for achieving sustained weight loss. The approach came without the pressure or guilt that Jude had felt with previous diet or exercise plans and she found it easier to follow.

Having struggled for years to lose weight and trying many diets, Jude frequently felt shame and guilt when each one failed. “I’d tried everything. If you’d told me 3 years ago that there was a tablet that I would wake up skinny, I would have sold my house for it. I’ve always chased the next hit, and the slimming clubs must have loved me. I just struggled to maintain the weight loss.”

Through her training with Graham, Jude has learnt that she didn’t have to just drop everything. The approach was about the small things, not the large and immediate changes that so often had been a struggle to sustain. This new approach inspired her. Her own journey to fitness has been an empowering process, and one that she’s keen to see others develop through. Her warmth, openness and encouragement is what drives many of the BIG community to thrive in their classes.

Now 5 stone lighter and a trained fitness instructor, Jude thrives on seeing lives changed.

Jude Lewis is also our GP referral specialist and Graham's partner in BIG Health and Fitness. She also oversees all of our BIG work at the Disability Resource Centre. She is keen to develop more opportunities for people to access fitness, that are empowering for everybody. Jude's vision is to see fitness programmes that are available to all ages and abilities.

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