Graham Waugh is the founder of BIG Health and Fitness and the BIG Health Foundation. His vision is to see a BIG gym studio in every gym, and to create spaces where everyone feels safe to exercise.

Just a few years ago, Graham Waugh was one of the heaviest men in the UK. At 52 stone he had been a recluse for 15 years. He was suffering with a range of both mental and physical health conditions, including cellulitis and severe depression.

After the unexpected death of his healthy brother at age 40, Graham became desperate to make a change. He felt guilty that he had let his own health deteriorate. He was keen to find diet and exercise solutions that would be sustainable and long lasting.

“I was given the life changing news that he could have gastric surgery, but that there was only a 20% chance of surviving the operation. I promised the surgeon that ‘if you save my life, I’ll make sure I pay it forward’". These words were key motivation for the following steps of his journey.

Stepping into a gym was one of the most difficult parts of the fitness process. "I felt that many people would judge me for my size and level of fitness. I felt incredibly self-conscious about fitness. Walking to the kitchen was difficult enough, let alone into a gym.”

Over the following months he not only achieved significant weight loss but was also inspired to become a qualified personal trainer.

This journey has inspired Graham Waugh to create BIG Health and Fitness. It’s more than a gym, it’s a whole ethos, a way of approaching the journey to fitness. BIG Health and Fitness is inclusive, encouraging and attainable to all.

To follow more of Graham's journey, please visit his YouTube page

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