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The Disability Resource Centre is home to BIG Health & Fitness’ innovative and fully accessible exercise space in Dunstable. Not everyone is able to access a gym due to long term illness, age or disability. We have created a space that anyone can use. There’s no need to step foot in a traditional gym. BIG’s exercise space houses 12 specialist pieces of equipment. BIG Health & Fitness are currently the only fitness provider in the UK to have this range of equipment. The equipment enables people to run tailor made routines that adapt to their needs and physical abilities, making the journey to fitness fun. Every user will soon have their own personalised USB so they can keep track of both their programmes and progress.

Wide Range of Classes

Since starting working with the Disability Resource Centre in 2016, we have made significant advancements in accessible exercise programmes. We have developed a range of classes designed to help those who have limited mobility or movement, catering for any ability or age. We are keen to see people empowered to grow on their own fitness journeys.

There are a range of classes that are accessible and inclusive, and work at a pace that is manageable. We found that many other personal trainers were unsure how to work with people who have physical disabilities. Our tailor-made training and ethos of accessibility is a perfect fit for the Disability Resource Centre. We spend time understanding people's needs. We then create fitness programmes to work with them, and not be intimidating. There are a wide range of activities, including chair based classes, to meet people where they are and provide a place for community and exercise.

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Benefits of Joining

BIG Health & Fitness is a local authority Social Provider on the Social Prescription Scheme. Our two main instructors are also GP referral specialists, and the work is overseen by personal trainer Jude Lewis. Research has shown that stronger muscles make everyday activities such as washing, dressing, shopping or doing housework, easier and less of a strain. Our chair-based exercises improve stamina and muscle power, and increase strength, flexibility and balance. Find us here

We are also happy to come and meet a potential client in their home, to talk them through the process, before they need to step foot in the Disability Resource Centre, Dunstable gym.

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