The BIG body-weight circuits classes provide health benefits to all ages and abilities. Each of the classes encompass a wide range of activities. We endeavour to work every muscle group, and make it fun through the music we play. There's always a lot of banter and encouragement in a class. Each person in the class is able to work to their own ability.

The BIG circuits exercises are easily adaptable, so that everyone can benefit from these classes and develop their skills. Our specially designed circuit training is highly effective for increased strength, and proves that getting fit doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple body-weight exercises are a great way of developing flexibility, balance, stability, core strength and overall health. The classes combine cardio and strength training, so that fat burns faster. The exercises are designed to be challenging for any fitness level. Anyone can join in and people are encouraged to work at a pace that works for them. There's no sergeant major shouting, simply positive encouragement to keep you going and to push you beyond what you've achieved before.

Circuits are also a great cardiovascular activity. Cardiovascular activity is essential to longevity, functionality and overall long term health. Keeping an elevated heart rate for twenty minutes a day, can significantly reduce depression, anxiety and other mental conditions.

Regular body weight training can reverse decline in ability. Fitness levels and poor posture improve, as muscle strength is increased and maintained. Additional improvements in stability, balance and mobility are often seen as a result. Increases in ability and confidence promotes a sense of well being. Through people to become more physically active, and feel more able to take up other regular forms of further exercise.

Participating in social gathering and enjoying exercise together can decrease the risk of loneliness, improve mood and increase memory function.

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