Our BIG boxing classes can be accessed in a multitude of ways in order to provide a wide range of exercise benefits. This is an easily adaptable form of exercise for varying levels of ability within this category. In the BIG boxing classes, we ensure that anyone can benefit from attending a group class, building upon their skills as they progress at their own rates. This gym class is also very effective when considering those joining the group at different times, ensuring accessibility and the ability to develop at your own pace.

These are many benefits in BIG boxing. The training enables better posture, functional strength and a stronger core. With a balance of upper-body, lower-body and abdominal strength training, in addition to stretching, boxing prepares your body for all its daily demands.

Cardiovascular health is essential to longevity, functionality and overall long-term health. It has been proven that keeping an elevated heart rate for twenty minutes a day significantly reduces chances of depression, anxiety and other mental conditions. Going to a boxing class, releases endorphins. You meet new people, socialise and get some movement into your daily routine. You feel good, you have fun.

Participating in regular BIG boxing training can reverse decline in ability, fitness levels and poor posture as muscle strength is increased and maintained, with additional improvements in stability, balance and mobility seen as a result. In addition, the increase in ability and confidence promotes a sense of well being that can lead to encouraging attendees to become more physically active as they feel more able to take up other regular forms of further exercise.

Most importantly, the BIG boxing classes are fun. There's always a lot of a laughter and everyone is able to challenge and stretch themselves at a pace that feels manageable, and achieves sustainable results.

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