Everyone can develop a healthier lifestyle, if given the right encouragement and support.

We Believe Every Body Matters

BIG Health and Fitness is a fitness organisation like no other. We work with our members to overcome significant barriers, setting them on a path to a healthier lifestyle and improved fitness.

There are a range of membership options available. We also work closely with our local GPs, the Active Luton scheme and the Disability Resource Centre. We are authorised providers within the social prescription scheme. We are keen to develop as many ways as possible to make fitness and a healthier lifestyle accessible to everyone.

Alongside BIG Health and Fitness, is the BIG Health Foundation. The Foundation seeks to resource and equip low income families in effective and manageable changes for a healthier lifestyle. The BIG Health Foundation also raises money for specialised equipment for people with disabilities. It seeks to resource and equip people with additional needs who want to develop their own journey to fitness. We run a range of education and consultancy programmes too, to inspire others to be more inclusive.

Graham’s story

BIG Health and Fitness was started by Graham Waugh after his own experience of obesity, and the struggle to achieve sustainable weightloss. In 2012 Graham was one of the heaviest men in the UK at 52 stone. He had been a recluse for 15 years and felt trapped in his own home. Graham’s experience of working from 52 stone through to being a qualified personal trainer has given him a unique insight into making the fitness process more accessible and supportive.

His journey to fitness inspired him to ensure that there are safe places where others can come to develop their fitness; without fear of being judged or laughed at.

To follow Graham’s story further, please follow his YouTube Channel

BIG Health & Fitness

The BIG Health and Fitness gyms and personal trainers have been specifically developed to be supportive and encouraging, not intimidating.

The BIG Health and Fitness community has grown significantly since 2015. It has flourished into a movement of impact, inclusion and purpose that is changing the face of fitness.

BIG Health and Fitness

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